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Changes in Release 0.8 and 0.8.1

Unified CLI

  • Various scripts and Ansible playbooks are now available under a single netlab command

  • Legacy commands are still available when forking the GitHub repository. You can also emulate them using bash aliases created with netlab alias command.

New Platform Support (release 0.8.1)

  • Cumulus VX containers or micro-VMs are supported under containerlab provider

  • Baseline Nokia SR Linux support under containerlab provider

Installation as a Python Package

  • netsim-tools are available on PyPI. Installing the package also creates the netlab command.

Virtual Lab Installation and Testing

  • netlab install command can used to install Ubuntu components, Ansible, or Vagrant+libvirt.

  • netlab test command sets up a fully-functional virtual test lab under VirtualBox or libvirt. Release 0.8.1 adds support for containerlab testing.

Extending YAML Syntax with Dotted Keys (release 0.8.1)

You can use hierarchical names in YAML files instead of a hierarchy of dictionaries. For example, you could replace…

    ipv6: 2001:db8::/48

… with

addressing.loopback.ipv6: 2001:db8::/48

Changing Topology with CLI Parameters (release 0.8.1)

The new -s CLI parameter can be used to set individual topology parameters within the netlab create command. See netlab create documentation for more details.

Reorganizing Source Tree

Ansible-related source code (playbooks, tasks, templates) has been moved into netsim/ansible directory to include it into the netsim-tools package.