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Changes in Release 0.4

Major changes in Release 0.4:

Minor fixes:

  • Use custom SSH port in (netlab connect since release 0.8)

  • Tags added to initial-config.ansible (netlab initial since release 0.8)

  • Changed default Ansible inventory format

  • Bandwidth became a core link attribute

Internal changes (detailed below):

  • Using python-box instead of Python dictionaries

  • Unit tests

Migrating to python-box

If you ever programmed in any programming language with decent support for hierarchical data structure you might have noticed how crazy navigating through a deep dictionary structure looks like in Python.

Fortunately some people do more than yammer - Chris Griffith created Box to address that, and I found it much easier (and more fluent, and more readable) to use than standard dictionaries.

Unfortunately, Box uses copy-on-use approach which means that you might work on multiple copies of the same dictionary without realizing that (bummer). The only way to make sure nothing is broken was to:

  • Create tons of tests

  • Get results with the dictionary-only implementation

  • Repeat the tests with Box implementation

  • Fix stuff until the results match.

I think we’re there or the code wouldn’t be in master branch.

Tests, tests, tests

The only way to check whether I fixed all instances of intricate differences between dictionaries and Boxes (and there were quite a few of them) was to write tons of tests, including automated CI pipeline implemented with GitHub Actions:

  • All tests are in tests directory

  • Topology transformation tests are YAML files starting with topology-. Expected results are in exp-topology- YAML files.

  • Tests that should result in an error are in err- YAML files.

Run tests with pytest (parent directory must be in Python include path).

To create code coverage report, run

Please feel free to add further tests to bring code coverage closer to 100%. Thank you.