ipSpace.net Network Simulation Tools

The ipSpace.net network simulation tools will help you be more proficient once you decide to drop GUI-based network simulators and to build your labs using CLI and infrastructure-as-code principles.

An overview of tools:


Creates a full-blown network topology, Vagrantfile and Ansible inventory from a simple list of nodes and links. More details


Configures common device parameters using topology data generated by create-topology and default device configuration templates. Configured parameters include hostname, LLDP, interface admin state, MAC and IP addresses, and optional routing protocols. More details


Ansible playbook that creates devices configuration snippets (including configuration module snippets) without deploying them on network devices.


Using Ansible fact gathering or other device-specific Ansible modules, collects device configurations and saves them in specified directory (default: config).


Applies any set of custom Jinja2 configuration templates to network devices. Includes support for platform-specific configuration templates.


Using Ansible fact gathering collect device neighbor data (usually LLDP neighbors) and displays them. Use YAML Ansible output callback for maximum readability.


Use Ansible invetory to SSH to a network using inventory name. Device IP address (ansible_host) and username/passwords are retrived from from Ansible inventory. Ideal when you use centralized Vagrant environments and want to connect to the devices while being in playbook development directory.