Stop Virtual Lab

netlab down destroys a virtual lab created with netlab up command.

This command uses the lab topology or the snapshot file created by netlab up or netlab create to find the virtualization provider, and executes provider-specific CLI commands to destroy the virtual lab.


usage: netlab down [-h] [--defaults DEFAULTS] [-d DEVICE] [-p PROVIDER] [-s SETTINGS]
                   [-v] [--cleanup] [--snapshot SNAPSHOT]

Destroy the virtual lab

positional arguments:
  topology              Topology file (default: topology.yml)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --defaults DEFAULTS   Local topology defaults file
  -d DEVICE, --device DEVICE
                        Default device type
  -p PROVIDER, --provider PROVIDER
                        Override virtualization provider
                        Additional parameters added to topology file
  -v, --verbose         Verbose logging (where applicable)
  --cleanup             Remove all configuration files created by netlab create
  --snapshot SNAPSHOT   Transformed topology snapshot file


  • netlab down needs transformed topology data to find the virtualization provider and link (bridge) names.

  • netlab down reads the transformed topology from netlab.snapshot.yml file created by netlab up or netlab create unless you specify the topology file name or any of the -d, -p or -s flags.

  • Use the --cleanup flag to delete all Ansible-, Vagrant- or containerlab-related configuration files.