Release notes

2021-05-12 (release 0.6.2)
  • BGP configuration module

  • IS-IS configuration module

  • Segment Routing with MPLS

  • OSPF configuration improvements: external links and passive interfaces

  • FRR support

  • Installation playbook

  • Bug fixes

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2021-04-11 (release 0.5)
  • containerlab support

  • Flexible virtualization provider framework

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2021-03-26 (release 0.4)
  • Unnumbered interfaces

  • Configuration modules framework

  • Baseline OSPF module

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2021-01-24 (release 0.3)
  • Support for multiple virtualization providers

  • Vagrant with VirtualBox

  • EOS and Nexus OS supported on Vagrant/VirtualBox

  • Device images (Vagrant boxes) are configurable in the defaults

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2021-01-12 (release 0.2)

Major refactoring of addressing configuration

  • Structured address pools (loopback, lan, p2p)

  • IPv4 and IPv6 support

  • Initial configuration modules updated to work in dual-stack or IPv6-only environments

2021-01-07 (release 0.11)

Arrcus ArcOS support contributed by Dave Thelen

Refactored configuration gathering – use explicit device_facts modules or platform-specific tasks for platforms that don’t gather device configuration with fact-gathering module


Nexus 9300v support


Initial release (IOSv, CSR, EOS)

Future plans

Release 0.7

  • Add Cumulus VX support