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Automated CI/CD Tests

netlab uses GitHub Workflows CI/CD pipeline, see .github/workflows/tests.yml for details. The automated tests executed on every push, pull request or merge include:

  • mypy static type checking of all Python code in netsim/ directory

  • Transformation tests ran with pytest in tests/ directory

You can run the same tests with the script in tests directory. It’s highly recommended you run them before creating a pull request that modifies Python code, or we’ll have to have a discussion before your PR is merged.

Transformation Tests

The test harness runs three types of transformation tests:

  • Regular transformations (see below)

  • Error cases – topologies that should generate an error resulting in an aborted transformation attempt. Add tests to this directory only when you need to test error messages in the Python code.

  • Minimal test cases – low level topologies (without system defaults) that should generate hard-to-reproduce errors (because system defaults shouldn’t allow them to happen). Please don’t create new minimal test cases; if you need a test case without system defaults, use include: [] top-level element (example in topology/input/addrs-no-pool.yml)

The regular transformation tests:

  • Take a topology file from tests/topology/input directory

  • Run the transformation code

  • Render the resulting data structure (without address pools or system defaults) in YAML format

  • Compare the results with corresponding file from tests/topology/expected drectory

Whenever you’re creating a new test case or modifying an existing one, you HAVE TO create a corresponding expected results file. Please don’t try to create the expected results by hand – the results are compared as strings, not data structures, and it’s just not worth the effort to fix them manually.

To create expected results files run script in the tests directory. The script assumes that your code works flawlessly and that whatever the code does is the correct result. That might not be the case, so it’s highly recommended that you execute git diff topology after running script and do a thorough check of the differences.

Before Submitting a PR

If you PR includes modifications to Python code, make sure you follow these steps before submitting it:

  • Run script

  • Check the differences (again)

  • Add modified tests/topology/expected files to your commit

  • Submit a PR


Someone will check your expected test results and we’ll have a discussion if you submit “suboptimal” content ;)

Integration Tests

Integration tests are ran by hand – it’s too much hassle to set up an automated test environment with vendor boxes/containers/license files. The test topologies are stored in tests/integration directory.