ipSpace.net Network Simulation Tools

The ipSpace.net network simulation tools will help you be more proficient once you decide to drop GUI-based network simulators and to build your labs using CLI and infrastructure-as-code principles.

The netsim-tools tools will help you:

  • Describe high-level lab topology in YAML format without worrying about the specific implementation details

  • Use the same lab topology with multiple virtualization providers (Virtualbox, KVM/libvirt, Docker containers)

  • Create Vagrant configuration files and Ansible inventory from the lab topology

Based on your lab topology the create-topology script will:

  • Create an IPv4 and IPv6 addressing plan for your lab

  • Prepare all the necessary configuration files to start the lab

Once the lab is started you can use the initial-config.ansible Ansible playbook to:

  • Deploy initial configurations (interfaces, IP addresses, usernames…) to your lab devices

  • Configure OSPF, IS-IS, BGP and SR-MPLS in your lab.

When the lab is fully configured you could:

  • Use the connect.sh script to connect to network devices via SSH or docker exec

  • Use config.ansible playbook to deploy custom configuration snippets

Before shutting down your lab, you might want to run the collect-config.ansible playbook to save the configuration changes you made.

Getting Started