Using Containerlab with netsim-tools

Containerlab is a Linux-based container orchestration system focused on creating virtual network topologies. To use it:

Container Images

Lab topology file created by netlab up or netlab create command uses these container images (use netlab show images to display the actual system settings):

Virtual network device Container image
Arista cEOS ceos:4.26.4M
Cumulus VX networkop/cx:4.3.0
FRR frrouting/frr:v7.5.0
Nokia SR Linux
Nokia SR OS vrnetlab/vr-sros:latest

You can also use vrnetlab to build VM-in-container images for Cisco CSR 1000v, Nexus 9300v and IOS XR, OpenWRT, Mikrotik RouterOS, Arista vEOS, Juniper vMX and vQFX, and a few other devices.

LAN bridges

For multi-access network topologies, netlab up command automatically creates additional standard Linux bridges.

You might want to use Open vSwitch bridges instead of standard Linux bridges (OVS interferes less with layer-2 protocols). After installing OVS, set defaults.providers.clab.bridge_type to ovs-bridge, for example:

defaults.device: cumulus

provider: clab
defaults.providers.clab.bridge_type: ovs-bridge

module: [ ospf ]
nodes: [ s1, s2, s3 ]
links: [ s1-s2, s2-s3 ]