Create Vagrant Boxes for Libvirt/KVM Environment

Vagrant starts virtual machines from prepackaged VM images called boxes. While it’s possible to download some network device images from Vagrant Cloud, you’ll have to build most of the boxes you’d want to use in your lab.

You have to use the following box names when installing or building the Vagrant boxes (see supported platforms and netlab show images for more details):

Virtual network device Vagrant box name
Arista vEOS arista/veos
Cisco IOSv cisco/iosv
Cisco CRS 1000v cisco/csr1000v
Cisco Nexus 9300v cisco/nexus9300v
Fortinet FortiOS fortinet/fortios
Juniper vSRX 3.0 juniper/vsrx3
VyOS vyos/vyos
Mikrotik CHR RouterOS mikrotik/chr
Dell OS10 dell/os10

The following Vagrant boxes are automatically downloaded from Vagrant Cloud when you’re using them for the first time in your lab topology:

Virtual network device Vagrant box name
Cumulus VX CumulusCommunity/cumulus-vx:4.4.0
Cumulus VX 5.0 (NVUE) CumulusCommunity/cumulus-vx:5.0.1
Generic Linux generic/ubuntu2004

Building Your Own Boxes