Changes in Release 1.5

New Functionality in Release 1.5.0

Breaking changes

Release 1.5.0 introduced strict validation of topology attributes. We ran extensive tests, including all the integration tests, so we’re pretty sure that whatever we ever wanted to use still works. Obviously it’s possible you used a combination of attributes that we did not test, or that we did not check attribute types in the past and unexpected types just worked.

We had to change the underlying data structure from lists of attributes to hierarchical dictionaries, we expect most plugins that added new core- or module attributes to break. Please take a look at the updated plugins in netsim/extra directory to see how your plugin should add new attributes (or open a GitHub case and we’ll help you).

Bug Fixes in Release 1.5.0-post4

  • Include files from user’s home directory

  • Use formatted strings in ‘read topology’ error messages

  • Documentation: Missing pip install step on Ubuntu 20.04 (#754)

  • Integrate #754 into ‘netlab install ansible’ installation script

Bug Fixes in Release 1.5.0-post3

  • Include user defaults in ‘netlab show’ display

  • Include user defaults from multiple default files

  • Implement nic_adapter_count libvirt parameter

  • Add missing ‘loopback’ node attribute

  • SR OS: Filter for interfaces having the address family enabled

  • Update SR Linux CA file path to match latest Containerlab changes

Bug Fixes in Release 1.5.0-post2

  • Report ‘unknown command’ or ‘cannot load module’ in netlab CLI

  • Check the presence of topology snapshot file early in ‘netlab down’

  • Critical fix: remove the extra ‘—’ from ruamel-generated Ansible files

Bug Fixes in Release 1.5.0-post1

  • Extend attributes with extra_attributes before group init

  • Set low ‘bgp update-delay’ on Cisco IOS to speed up BGP convergence

  • Enabled EIGRP/IPv4 on IOS loopback interface

  • Convert values set via CLI into ints or bools if needed

  • Minor fixes to NX-OS templates

Documentation fixes:

  • Arista no longer provides vEOS Vagrant boxes

  • Prefer mutated Nexus 9300v boxes

  • Deprecate ‘extra_attributes’

Bug Fixes in Release 1.5.0

  • Identify malformed device definitions

  • Check for Nokia Ansible plugin only once per device

  • Junos MTU has to be applied to the main interface

  • FRR daemons not started

  • Use consistent interface name templates

  • Run integration tests on pull requests

  • Report fatal error when a configuration module cannot be loaded